Fix Elixir

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[Blue Algae] - Fix Elixir
[Blue Algae] - Fix Elixir

A Coffee Free Brew Featuring Dandelion, Maca, Chaga, & Carob.


44 Grams in An Amber Glass Jar

Root Brew Is A Wholesome Blend That Will Give You That Boost Of Energy You Need While Soothing Your Adrenals. 

Enjoy a teaspoon of this superfood powder in your warm beverage, smoothie or in your favourite recipe.

INGREDIENTS: Dandelion Root, Carob, Chaga, Maca, Ramon


Dandelion Root: Digestive Tonic, High in Calcium & Vitamin K, Promotes A Healthy Liver.

Carob: High In Minerals& Antioxidants, Great For Skin And Hair. (Tastes Very Similar To Chocolate!)

Chaga: Boosts Energy, Enhances Immunity, Anti-Aging, Anti-Viral, Calming

Maca: Increases Libido, Boost Energy, Improves Mood, Increases Brain Function

Ramon: High In Magnesium & Calcium, Protein Packed, Anti-Anxiety